Sonja Dymalovski started her career in Corporate Property Investment in 1994 where she developed her knowledge of marketing and finance. After a successful career working for the top Commercial Agencies in Australia, she decided to start her own company and follow her passion for personal beauty products. So in 2002, Sonja founded the company Lumiere Cosmetika specialising in natural hair care products for salons and professionals and later expanded the range into skin care. The key difference in this range was the use of the native Australian plant extract Centipeda cunninghamii. The features of this potent extract sparked her interest into the scientific benefits and further applications of this specialised plant extract and lead to an introduction to Bio Actives Export, who were the market leaders in this field. This fascination developed into a desire to work on expanding the potential of this extract and in 2009 joined the Bio Actives team and became CEO alongside it’s Directors Graeme Close and Stephen Ring. After years of focusing on the agronomy and extraction of the Centipeda cunninghamii plant her love of formulating finished products resulted in the creation of What Skin Needs with the Founder Graeme Close. This range aims to provide a solution to skin care problems for different indications and ages. Sonja is dedicated to developing products to meet the growing needs of consumers demanding alternative natural products by bringing together a synergy between science and nature.

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