For the past decade I have had an annoying problem with an area of raised dry skin on the calf of my left leg. The size of the area and tendency to itch has increased over the years despite treatment with various skin care products. About two weeks ago I began treating the area with ‘Cracked Skin Cream’ and am very pleased with the results. The raised welt is gone, the skin texture almost normal and the itch much reduced. I would recommend it to anyone with a similar skin condition.

Arnold Barker, Albert Park, VIC Australia

I have had a troublesome skin condition for most of my life. It appears to be dry scaly skin and occurs in difficult areas over my body, sweaty places like the crease of my forearm, under my chin and around my face. It is particulary bad on both feet and especially between my toes. I have tried everything and it just won’t go away. With the use of your product ‘Cracked Skin Cream’ the problem has almost cleared up completely. I have been using it continually for two weeks solid and my skin seems to have gone back to normal. It’s not itchy any more and way less irritating. Thankyou for your solution I will certainly recommend it

Scott Harrison, Melbourne, VIC Australia

My eight month old daughter was originally diagosed with Psoriasis on both feet and she was in a great deal of pain. The skin was so bad it constantly bled as she would tear off the scabs. The doctors at the time said there was no known cure and prescribed every lotion available. After speaking with you we tried your ‘Skin Balm’ and there was an immediate improvement in Britteny’s condition. After three months the condition had completely healed. The doctors could not believe the results either. So whatever the problem was is now completely gone.

David Grose, Melbourne, VIC Australia

I have been using your products to reduce the rash on my legs, due to stress related issues. My GP gave me two prescriptions and neither of the creams worked. Then I tried your products and I have not had any itchiness since. After spending a fortune on medical fees and prescriptions, your cream was available over the counter with great results. Full marks to the team who developed it. Many thanks.

Mrs. Sue Davis, Lara, VIC Australia